April 29, 2008

What a day!

It was a crazy day today! I woke up late and rushed around the apartment trying to get ready for work. I hurried to leave only to find a moving semi parked behind my car! I kind of gave the moving people a look, and put my bag in the back seat of my car, opened the front door, and stood there, watching the moving people, thinking they would get the idea. Nope. They looked back and me, and kept on doing their thing. Eventually, I sat in my car, and started it. No response. Eventually, I got out, and hollered over to them, "how long are you going to be parked here, I need to go to work!" They looked at one another, strugged and said " don't you have enough room to back out little lady?"

Excuse me!? "Little Lady" ?

I responded, "not really".

Three of them, taking their time, came over, looked around my car, and decided between themselves I indead did have enough room and they would be kind enough to guide me out of the tiny spot.

So as I went back and forth, and back and forth I went. Now and then one would holler, "ooh, that is about far enough back little lady, pull it forward" So, with two men in my rear view mirror and one in the front of my car, I eventually got out of my tiny spot.

By the time I was off to work, I was not happy. Sure, I don't look 25, however I'm obviously old enough to drive a car and rent an apartment. Additionally, I'm married. I did not appreciate them calling me "little lady" and treating me like I was 12.

So I was late to work. I did A LOT of paper work today at work. I have only one week left and it sure did sneak up on me. This job is an internship position that ends with my graduation. While at work, I received a message from the HR at Dream job!! I was starting to think they just were not going to call! They offered me an interview. I excitedly called back, accepted and scheduled an interview for next Thursday! I am so excited, but very nervous. I get so anxious about new people and being on the spot. It just isn't my thing.

Any interview tips? I'm interviewing to work with college students at a 2 year institution...

After I called HR back, I shut my office door and did a little happy dance! :-) I'm SO excited about this!

After work I met my husband to go out for the 29th and to meet a few of his friends from work. After, we walked around the mall, trying to walk off all the food!

We came home, checked emails, did dishes, laundry, sent a graduation email with directions, times, etc, and I'm working to get together stuff to prep for my interview next week!


  1. Ooh I wish I had some good interview tips. I just went through my second interview yesterday for my dream job. I'm nervously awaiting the call with either the job offer or rejection today and am sick to my stomach. Just be yourself, do some research, and smile a lot :) It worked for the first interview, not sure about the second since I haven't heard the results yet. But man I didn't realize this whole job search thing was so scary. Good luck.

  2. Good luck with the interview! Try to think of it like this: you are interviewing them to see if you really want to work there. It should help take some of the pressure off you.

  3. Good luck with the interview...Little Lady. ;)

  4. bad start led to happy ending...
    good luck for the tnerview.
    thanks for commenting on ibit's blog. she was so happy....

  5. Congrats on the interview! That is very exciting. Just be yourself, I know that's cliche. But when I interview people the ones that aren't uptight and I can get to know them as a person are the ones I generally hire. Good luck!

  6. Nice......I wouldn't mind hearing a little "Little Lady", personally. j/k

  7. Congratulations on the interview! That is so exciting. I also have a hard time with meeting new people, but I'm sure you'll do great! My best advice is to just be yourself and to be honest.

    And I know the moving truck thing was frustrating, but the story made me smile anyway!