May 17, 2008

Even with all the things I was doing on Thursday and posted about for my Thursday Thirteen a couple days ago, I am still behind. Honestly, that list was just too much, but it wasn't until I was about 3/4 through the day when I realized it! I was running around like a crazy lady all day, and only managed to get about 75% of the invites made, most the laundry done, about 1/2 the dishes washed, thank yous done for my husband's birthday, and business cards for my brother. As far as unpacking my school bag, I didn't get any further than opening it, shaking my head and starting on the next project, and I'll have to do my grad thank yous on Monday.

Today was a busy day as well, trying to pack the car for our quick weekend trip, finishing up little projects and getting the car in for an oil change.

Now, I'm blogging from my husband's parents, getting ready for bed. We ventured out here to visit and attend my brother's high school graduation tomorrow!

On our 8 hour trip, we talked about where to go for our anniversary vacation, as well as what to do if I were to be offered a job, or what to do if I wasn't. It was a hard discussion, as there are so many unknowns and frustrations that go a long with either decision.

Well, time for some sleep! Good night!

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