May 15, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #4

Thirteen things I'm working on today..

1.... Making invites for my sister's bridal shower

2... Landry (I'm way behind, as the washing machine was leading and just got fixed!

3... Making business cards for my brother

4... Trying to decide what to do about the job... I haven't been offered anything, but found out I'm one of 2 finalists!

5... Making a scrapbook for my brother. He graduates from high school on Saturday!

6... Clean out and sort my school bag.

7... Making a card for my cousin that just had a baby girl!

8... Making thank yous for my husband to send for his birthday cards/gifts

9... Making thank you notes for me to send for graduation cards and gifts

10... Cleaning out the car to travel to my brothers graduation

11... Trying to decide were to go on our anniversary trip in TWO weeks!

12... Icing my back. I pulled a muscle in my low back on Saturday, Sunday I couldn't walk without huge amounts of pain, Monday and Tuesday were so - so, and now today it isn't liking me doing all of this running around

13... Trying to figure out how I managed to get anything done while I was in school... oh yeah, I really didn't :-)

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  1. RE: 12 hope you feel better!

    Sounds like a hectic day.

    When I graduated 3 years ago I was just glad to get a decent amount of sleep back into my schedule, it took about 4 months before I really started getting much done again.

  2. Wow are you busy and productive. I may try to slide a few of my to-do's over to you! :)

  3. owww on your back! Hope you feel better.

    My T13 is up. Feel free to stop by if you'd like.

  4. Th;at is way too much to tackle on a Friday

  5. I can relate to #13. Between being a mom/ wife/ cleaning lady/ cook/ mrs fix it/ and students.... I dont' see how I get anything done and yet we all do :) Yea for us!

  6. I am feeling a little lazy after reading that!