July 30, 2008

Where has the summer gone?

I have been so busy with weddings, showers, conference planning and job hunting I have nearly forgotten to enjoy my summer 'off'. Huh. Summer off, yeah right. It seems like regardless of my employment status, I have put in at least 40 hours a week all summer (maybe even overtime)!

This last weekend I was at a cousin's wedding.

Monday I spent the day with my bff K for her birthday! We had lunch at Dave and Buster's and then drove to Stillwater to walk through the cute shops and go on the trolley tour. The tour was full, so instead of basking in the sun on a trolley full of hot sweaty people, we hunted out some ice cream. We had ice cream and french fries... It turned out to be perfect!

Monday night I applied for another job! This one required me to create a username and password and entire application on their site. I had to retype all my resume into their forms. Plus they asked for way more information than I was prepared for! I was so nervous about hitting "submit".

Today I spent the day organizing conference materials and then going to a prep meeting. Honestly, I am so ready for this conference to be over. However I do enjoy meeting at Caribou Coffee. It gives the the excuse I need to have one of these! Yes, even when it is 90 degrees outside...

On my way home from the meeting, I stopped at Costco to pick up a pizza for our monthly anniversary! :-) A 16 inch pizza, already cooked pizza for $9.95. Yummy! However they only take cash or checks at the food counter and of course neither of which was in my bag, SO I went to the food section and just grabbed one to cook at home. Same pizza, uncooked, but cost $9.99. What... back up. Strange. Plus, they take debit at the regular check outs, just not the food court. Whatever!

So Husband and I celebrated our July 08 anniversary with costco pizza and tv. We are getting a little not so creative with these monthly deals. Hmm. (Honey,we need to work on that!). It is getting somewhat repetitive of eating out and tv watching.

Tomorrow, I have another conference meeting (as I do all day on Friday as well!). Ugh.

Plus! There is the Bloggy giveaways going on. These are always so much fun however
I'm saddened by the fact that I have been only able to visit a couple other participant blogs with all the craziness going on! Hopefully I'll have a few down moments between now and Friday!

Then next week, I'm hoping to get back on a regular posting schedule! I had been doing so well...

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  1. I was up till 4am entering giveaways. I must be crazy. Hopefully some of that effort pays off! Stop by mine if you get a chance. I have three up so far. I love Costco pizza!