April 29, 2009

What is your vision of love?

Leslie at Love Street recently posted about relationships. I wanted to comment then, but couldn't quite put my thoughts together.

Here is my attempt...

I always had this vision of love in my head, my mind's eye. I admit, it was a bit "prince on a white horse" kind of vision, but it is what it is.

I went through a couple minor relationships, of course ending with heartbreak (and finding out how terrible some guys are). Sure I was super young, but I was left vulnerable, unsure of myself, not sure if I could trust another guy, yet searching for someone to love. Something I walked away with from these couple super early relationships was "If your gut tells you something isn't quite right, something isn't right." Another one to note would be "If someone tells you, from their perspective, something isn't right, at least consider their point of view".

Not long after these crappy endings I met this guy...
This guy was my price charming. The long version of the story is, well, long, so maybe another time. We have been through (coming up on) 11 years of our lives together! So much has happened.

We have changed, our relationship has changed. Yet here we are.

When we were first married, someone told me to "never go to bed mad". HA! If we would have lived by this, there would be all kinds of sleep lost. We took a step back and instead decided we always say goodnight. Yes, always.

Well, sometimes husband falls asleep the moment his head hits the pillow. However, I say goodnight, and he wakes enough to mumble "g'night"... Even when we are livid as the heat of the sun, we force out a ticked off "goodnight!".

To me, this is love. It is the simple things, like going out for lunch, dreaming about a future house together while sprawled in the grass, or making a point to be together and do something special on our monthly anniversary!

Love is an interesting thing. It is curious how one's vision of love can change over time. Is it maturity and age? Or is it more life experiences that bring about the change? What about family circumstances?

What has impacted your vision of love, and how has your vision changed over time?

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  1. Well, obviously I've been thinking about this. ;)

    I think getting older and becoming more in tune with what I want and expect really have changed the way I view love and relationships. Experience has definitely played a part as well.

    I like the two things you've learned - I'd say those are good things to remember. I once did not follow my gut instinct about a guy I was dating, and it came back to bite me - hard.