May 22, 2009

spilling it all out

I'm frustrated...

I'm ticked off...

I'm tired...

I'm grumpy...

I'm ready for a vacation... wait... no, that is part of the problem!

Ha. Yeah. So My husband and I have been planning to go on our 5 year wedding anniversary trip. We only booked it a couple weeks ago, and we leave tomorrow. Yeah. Tomorrow.

I am not packed. Heck, the laundry isn't done and I have nothing to wear. I went a couple places after work to try to find a new shirt, or two and wasted way too much time trying on items that didn't fit right, didn't come in the right size, were ugly... IFrustrating.

The dishes are not done. I couldn't log into my NWA account to check my flight. There is not a number to call and talk to a real live person. Instead a "chat" room. It took me way to long to get it fixed. Frustrating.

The floors are dirty. My computer keeps crashing. I couldn't find our "change jar" with our year of change to cash for the trip (disappeared after the move and yeah, still not unpacked).The mail isn't sorted. Heck, one night of hotel isn't booked... yeah, Frustrating.

I keep being snippy with Husband. I don't mean to. (I'm sorry husband...). Things are just frustrating right now. I'm really trying to be patient and happy!

Plus Dakota isn't here. Yeah. See normally when I have a bad day and arrive home before husband, Dakota greets me with a huge smile and wag of his tail. He doesn't care I haven't had time to give him a bath in way to many days, or that the dishes are dirty, and my bank account is low. He doesn't judge me, tell me I shouldn't spend so much on scrapbooking supplies, or do the dishes more often. He is just happy to see me. Anyhow. Dakota went to spend time with family while we are out of town, and I miss him already.

*Deep breath*

Okay. So. Yes, we are going on vacation. I am very excited to get away and spend some much need time relaxing with Husband. I obviously am needing some time away...

Thus will not be posting for a bit. However please do not leave me! I need you all when I get back! I will have all kinds of stories to share, plus that big exciting news I continue to tell you about and never share... yeah, it IS really coming. I promise by the first weekend in June! :-)

Oh, Be sure to subscribe to my twitter feed, as I'll be updating with the up to the minute details of our adventure. Those that do will be able to guess where we are!!!


  1. Enjoy your vacation. It sounds like you really need it. ;)

  2. Have a good vacation. Sometimes those last minutes of getting ready can be stressful!

  3. Yes, it definitely sounds like you need it! Hope you have a great time. Can't wait to see your Twitter updates!

  4. I'm guessing you are on the road by now, so I hope you are having fun!!

  5. Happy anniversary!! Have a GREAT vacation!!!

  6. It will work out, but the stress before hand can really get to you. What will matter at the end of your vacation is that you will have had a great time getting away from everything, and Dakota will be there to greet you, wagging tail and kisses flying everywhere!

    Don't sweat the small stuff--and hopefully it will all be small stuff.

  7. I didn't see this before and heck, you might even be nearly back by now, but I hope your trip was wonderful!