June 15, 2009

think green

"Green" seems to be all the rage these days. I like being green! and though this kind of green is fun, it isn't quite what I'm talking about this time :-)

Saving money, and leaving minimal environmental impact whenever possible is what I have in mind. Unfortunately, these 2 thing do not always walk hand in hand. Sometimes being green costs a bit, particularly upfront. However with a little research, and diligence, in the long term, it will pay off (both in your pockets and for your planet!).

Today, I'm sharing a combined green topic, hitting in both areas of green!

Husband and I recently (well about a month or so ago), purchased a couple rain barrels. They had the upfront cost (about $99 each), however we figure they will last long enough to pay for themselves over and over. I was at first concerned they would look tacky, however now, they seem to blend in nicely.

They were fairly simple to install (though it does involve cutting your drain to attach - see black item on 2nd photo), and filled quickly with our first rain storm. Holding 57 gal. each, they last awhile, and each time it rains, I'm almost disappointed I cannot store more water!

I have been using the water for indoor and outdoor plants, minus our garden. It is easy to either take the lid off to access water, or to attach a garden hose. There is a variety of opinions out there on if one should use collected/stored rainwater for veggie gardens, however I decided if I would not drink it, I do not want it being dumped on my lettuce and strawberries! My main thing is, that I have no idea what is on my roof (seriously, think about it... dirt, bird droppings, leaves...). Anyhow, the water works greats on the plants that I do not eat.

It has been great, and I say well worth the investment. I like being able to water on "non-water" days, and saving the money and water by not using "tap".

Have you used a rain barrel? Thinking about it?
What are you doing to "think green"?


  1. I am thinking of getting some, we may go ugly and lower tech, we first need to work on the drain system on the house.

    I try to be mindful all the time and just use as little as possible of whatever I can.

  2. I've wondered about rain barrels. I have don't anything drastic recently to go green except talk to my kids about it, and read articles about it. Of course, I'm still doing the little things I routinely do to go green. Wait, I've been buying energy efficient bulbs and appliances.

  3. I wanted to do this so badly. this house has beautiful flower gardens..or they will be once I get the time to clear out the mess that was allowed to grow in them. However, I just realized yesterday that this house has no gutters on it..