April 22, 2008

Happy Green Day!

In honor of Earth Day,I could write a post about going green, recycling, or saving the planet one day at a time. However been there, done that. Plus I'm sure your readers will be full of tips, thoughts and ideas on how to save our planet.

Therefore, I decided to write a different kind of green post in response to my "What do you want me to blog about" poll and the results.

A few days after posting the poll, I asked my husband if he had voted. When his look back at me was something along the lines of "wouldn't you like to know", I knew something was up. With a lot of prying, it finally came out.

Husband: What was your poll about?
Crazy Daisy: I wanted to know what people like to read on my blog, or what they would like to see in the future.
Husband: What were the options?
Crazy Daisy: Well, I had several. Graduation, crafts, daily stuff that happens, other, and green stuff.
Husband: ...Green stuff, huh? (about now a cheesy grin came across his face)
Crazy Daisy: Oh geez. I mean things like recycling and saving the planet, not crayons!
Husband: Well, I didn't know that. You should have known I would vote for green stuff.

Well, this conversation went on a little longer and we both ended up with a good laugh. The thing is... my husband's favorite color is green. I don't mean he kind of likes it and maybe has a few shirts in the shade. He LOVES green.

So in his honor, today I write a post about:

Green stuff.

Let's see. Glancing around our apartment, there is green everywhere!

I love plants. We have many in our house, however some (not pictured) are more brown than green.

We also have a small patio table with green tiles! We picked it up a couple of years ago at Kmart on clearance!

With our wedding colors spanning the entire box of colors, we of course included green! We had a difficult time finding all the colors on the flowers we wanted (daisies and a few roses), so we spray painted several white flowers to be green!

A green pillow case my mom made for my husband (he also has a matching quilt).

Our table cloth is green, of course!

Being Apple computer users, there is no way we wouldn't own a green iMac!

And then the CD player, and iPod are green.

A few random green things...

And finally our green storage!

WOW! This list could keep going and going!

Happy Green Day!


  1. I love green stuff! Green is my favorite color too, my hubby's is blue and our house has a lot more blue than green... I was already trying to deblueify (that's a word, really it is! or not) it, then we bought a house with all blue carpets and wallpaper. I figured at least it will all match until I get a chance to change it out.

  2. Wow, I could totally live at your house. I also LOVE green. My ipod is green. I have some green walls. My couches are green. And so on and so forth.

  3. Too cute! I wonder what green stuff we have? Hmmm...probably nothing but John Deere tractors!

  4. Ha ha! How cute! My husband is obsessed with orange. Always has been. But you see...I'm not an orange lover. So we don't have many orange things in our house. I hope you like green!

  5. Wow! That is a LOT of green! Even the iMac, and iPod?! :P The patio table's cute :)

  6. That is a bit of green... and as we all know... it's not easy being green :)

  7. That's alot of green stuff! But I feel the same way about pink. Or yellow. Or purple. :)

  8. Love this spin on Earth day. I love most things green, too. Happy Green Day to you..........a little late, I guess. :)

  9. Cute green post. I hope your husband enjoyed it! :)