September 9, 2009

a little bit of C.R.A.Z.Y

My mind is all over the place today!

Remember, Remember the Milk? Well, I have a couple hundred items in it to complete. I do not know how I would keep track of everything without it! I even signed up for the RTM pro account! Well worth it!

Here is the summary.

Work = crazy. The bulk of my items are work related. I can't seem to keep up. Students need letter of recommendation, help finding a tutor, someone to read over their paper, or transfer application, a reminder about next weeks group meeting... yeah. Crazy.

I am also working on my posts for next week! Yeah, I know. Nothing like last minute :) If you haven't heard, my creative space was recently remodeled! In celebration, I'm doing a crafty/creative/giveaway week! My blog will be full of fun and creative ideas ANYONE can do! Be sure to stop by and check it out! If you are interested in guest posting, having me link up to your creative post, and/or have an idea for me on what kind of creative things you would like to read about, let me know!

Also in the mix is... family stuff, updating my resume, getting things done for the conference I'm helping with, trying to find a balance with my sugar drinks and water, our garden, finish cleaning the basement after our mini remodel, trying to touch base with my good friend K, who I've been playing phone tag with for SO long, trying to clean off my computer to upload photos, then sort photos and upload to print (at least the next ones to scrapbook and for my 365 project!)...

Anyhow. I hope you are all well! And again, please leave me a message about what creative stuff you want to see next week! yes, even YOU, now is the time to delerk! :-)

Edit: If you are interested, I now have a button for next week's creative celebration!
Feel free to copy and place on your space!
Forever Daisies

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