January 15, 2010

Sometimes, a fresh start is needed

Remember my confession awhile back? Yeah, I had been blogging all that time, and reading hundreds of blogs, without a blog reader!

Well. today. I cleared all unread in my dear google reader. It had said "1000+" unread for some time now, and I just needed a do-over. I am sorry if I missed a great post of yours. If I did, please link to it here and I'll check it out.

Otherwise, I will be keeping up from now on! :) I am on a path to organization!

Thank you. That is all.


  1. Never feel guilty for not reading, just jump right back in with a cheery hello!

  2. Mine has been at 1000+ for about a year and a half now. :/

  3. just come when you have time...
    I'm still reading you :)