December 31, 2010

Why wait for next year?

I know the New Year is a time of feeling fresh and new. However every time I hear anything related to "I cannot wait until 2011, it will be a fresh start", I want to shout back,  "What is wrong with tomorrow?  That is a fresh start!"

Sure, I make birthday goals instead of New Years Resolutions. I get it; goal setting is awesome and I highly encourage it. However let's be real here. Jan 1 "tomorrow" is no different that July 27, or October 3, or December 20. Do not hide behind the new year when you can start changing your life today.

Is change easy? Heck no.

Will procrastination get you anywhere? No!

So let us all say it together...

"when i have a goal, dream, destination, or ambition, i will start working toward it today."

Thank you.

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