January 17, 2011

10 Things That Made Me Smile Today

1. Dakota ate a daddy long legs spider in my craft room (he must know how I cringe at the thought of the spider dancing on my paper).

2.  I spent time in my craft room.

3. I started reading a new book.

4. My Copic Markers

(See what I did with them today?)

5. Even though it is 20 degrees outside, the sun is shining trying to shine.

6. After all these years, Alan and I can still be goofy around each other.

7. I received another donation to my Bucket List Birthday Wish. Anyone can donate! Hope to reach my goal by Saturday!

8. I am beginning to understand my One Little Word {simple}.

9. I wrote a letter. A real, handwritten one! :)

10. All my dishes are washed.

What made you smile today?


  1. Yay for handwritten letters! They are so underrated.

    I like your markers. I have never heard of that brand but I'm an office supplies nerd. :)

  2. Love copic markers myself. Your smiles are gorgeous. So, what book did you start reading?