January 23, 2011

Birthday Goals 2011

On Tuesday January 22, 2008 I started a blog. I listed goals. Each year after (2009, 2010) I reviewed the previous year, and started fresh with new goals.

Last year, I had a good list of goals:
  • Read 5 books, cover to cover.
  • Make even more time for friends, and family
  • Volunteer in at least 2 projects (Already signed up for one!)
  • Pay off credit card
  • Keep control of incoming paper (mail, newspaper, coupons, etc!)
  • Finish organizing basement and paint
  • Research and then implement making more use of new dehydrator, especially this summer!
  • Meal Planning - just do it!
  • 10 scrapbook pages a month. I know I can!

In 2011, I'm going to try something a little different.  I'm still setting goals, however it is going to be a couple overarching goals, with monthly specific goals. To keep it as {simple} as possible, I"ll post them here at the beginning of each month with a recap of the previous month. I'll also post updates to specific goals during the month. 

Keeping my one little word in mind, my general 2011 goals are:
  • Connect with family and friends, frequently, though all possible ways, but particularly in person, on the phone and through snail mail.
  • Use fresh produce for meals
  • Organize and prioritize  - rid my life of unnecessary clutter and burden
  • Connect with people, pets and things around me - do not take anything for granted
  • Be creative
  • Breath - pray - relax - enjoy - appreciate

I look forward to the journey this year will provide!

I have been secretly working on my January goals and will post the update on February 1!

I'll be posting later today about my {simple} birthday adventure! Stay tuned!

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