January 15, 2011

{one little word 2011} Week 3

I finally finished the 9 pocket layout for my January prompt.  I took this weeks photo while I was working on it. I have always loved color, and how the {simple} line up of my markers made me smile.

My word, {simple} has been on my mind all week, however I'm not sure how successful I have been. I keep struggling with the idea of "how can my life be {simple} when things around me (laundry, dishes, paper piles, schedule etc) are cluttering around me".

I have come to the conclusion that I must take an active part in this journey and begin to sculpt my {simple} life. This might be a "duh" moment, however for me, it is an interesting concept that I must first simplify my life, which may not be all that {simple} of a task.

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  1. congrats on getting your january assignment done! i'm woefully far behind but am also a severe procrastinator...

    one thing i thought when i read your post is: "simple" does not have to mean "empty". your life can be simple even when there are things to be done. maybe getting a handle on all those things that need doing will make you feel in order and streamlined, even if they don't go away. does that make sense?

    best of luck this coming week. looking forward to seeing what it brings you on your OLW journey!

  2. I am a Sharpie lover and that picture makes me smile too! Isn't it funny that it's really not that simple to always simplify? In this day and age we have to really work at keeping things simple. Sad, really.

  3. I love the look of your pens.
    Hope you can find a way to make your life simple!

  4. I *love* your photo. All of those yummy colors make me smile. :)


  5. okay I love that you got that done, I am still working on that. I guess my word being challenge is leaving things challenging to me! great picture too!

  6. Nice composition of the markers!

  7. Simple is not such a simple word is it? I love that line of markers.

  8. Love the colors ... love those Sharpies. I still need to work on my January project. I just have to find time to watch the tutorials. Hopefully I'll find time this weekend ... don't want to go into February not having it completed.

  9. I came across the {one little word project} a week ago and have taken a while to find my word. Not sure if should be "change" or "possibilities"... so hard to choose.