February 17, 2011

11 random things

  1. I had a great weekend - spent time with a good friend doing Trivia and also some shopping with Alan!
  2. However, I found myself with little energy this week. All I want to do is sit in front of the TV.
  3. Work has been crazy. 
  4. I'm proud of myself... I made puppy pillow cases.
  5. I'm have very few photos taken for my February assignment in the One Little Word class. Feeling a bit discouraged about it, however I will get back on board.
  6. I am very behind in my own photo challenge!
  7. I logged into my Compassion account yesterday to find a Correspondent Child waiting for me. Welcome to the family, Samuel.
  8. I have already prepared a small "Blue" themed letter/package (similar to Vanesa's) and will be mailing it tomorrow.
  9. I am very happy about our 40 degree weather. Our snow is about 1/2 gone and the sun has definitely helped my mood. (though I'm sad our snow people are melting).
  10. Alan and I did go to the YMCA yesterday. It was refreshing. I think a lot when I run. Dangerous, yes. Challenging, Yes! Now inspired to make some changes... YES
  11. Even if they cause sleeping problems, I love these two...

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