April 21, 2011

the speed of light

It seems life is whirling by at the speed of light, while I am struggling to keep up. My posts have been very lacking lately.  As you can see here, I'm lucky to find my computer under the mess, let alone actually have time to write something 1/2 brilliant.

I have been working to pull together my sister's baby shower. I'm super excited for it, however I feel very unorganized. This is untypical for me. I am usually fairly organized for things such as this. As of tonight, I have everything packed up and ready to transport the 8 hours. We are going home this weekend for both the shower and Easter. It will be a jam packed time.

April and May at work have always been demanding, however I'm really feeling it this year. It is both demanding and the "same old stuff". I have been getting easily bored and irritated. Don't get me wrong, my students are amazing and I work with some great people, I'm not always learning/growing and that is frustrating for me. I love my job, but need to figure out a few things.

Other than the above, my laundry is not caught up (not even close), dishes are dirty in the sink, the floors haven't been vacuumed, and there is a giant pile of papers/mail where the counter used to be.

This is my life. Unorganized.

This doesn't have to be my life. I'm looking for Simple. Balance. Clean. Healthy. Peaceful, Joy. Friends. Family. Knowledge. Happiness.

I will get through this weekend and see where I land. That is where I will start from in finding where I want to be, where I will find Simple. Balance. Clean. Healthy. Peaceful, Joy. Friends. Family. Knowledge. Happiness.


  1. Same here. I don't think I've blogged in three weeks. A record for me. Plus, yeah, there are the dishes, the laundry, the mess, etc. Oh well. It is what it is.

  2. I've been feeling in the dumps about my humongous lack of organization and time management. I'm working on getting to a better place this weekend too. Enough is enough...I need everything you said in your last line!

  3. One thing at a time. Enjoy the people and festivities - - - take lots of pictures. You can't repeat times together but you will always get to repeat laundry and dishes. Find one corner in your house that is relaxing and uncluttered. Do not let anyone disturb it. Go there when you need to take a deep breathe and re-energize. I'm 60 years old so been through the hectic-ness you are in - - - - and am still there some days still. Happy Easter!

  4. I feel ya. My life is chaos right now and I'm a giant ball of stress. Maternity leave cannot get here fast enough. I'm sure that will be stressful, too, but at least I'll have one child to focus on instead of 8000 work things.

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