July 1, 2011

All I wanna to do is scrap!

I have been  suffering from scrapbooking withdrawal... Symptoms: obsessive need to look at photos and cut random people out of the background, attraction to shiny metal objects, finding myself in the kitchen searching for constant flow of caffeine and sugar, and screamming "WOO HOO" every time I check something off my to do list.

Last Thursday-Sunday, I attended a scrapbooking retreat in South Dakota. It was AMAZING! The progress (I finally finished my California Album!), the friends (a friend went along for the ride, my mom and sister were there, plus I knew 1/3 of the other 100 people), the food (need I say more?), and the excitement of coming together with so many to do something we all love.

The trunk contains my scrapbook supplies. My clothes, toothbrush, comb, vitamins and hairdryer in my hands.

Found my table for the weekend!

100 people registered!

My sister, Carrie, and I!
Sarah and I (it was a safari theme!)

Have you ever attended a scrapbooking/craft retreat weekend?

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