July 11, 2011

Summer update

The summer is flying by. Seriously. Who in the heck is in charge of the fast forward button? I really need things (at minimum, the weekends), to move a little more slowly!

Things are going, okay. The amazing glimmers help balance out the craptastic moments.

Last week I found out a previous supervisor has terminal cancer. I basically tuned out of life for the rest of that day. I wasn't sure what to do. I mean, really, what can you do? We had last met for coffee (hot chocolate for me) in October. She found out in November. They told her 6-12 months. In Feb they still said 6-12. In May they said less than 6 and stopped doing scans. She didn't want to be a bother, so she didn't call. I felt terrible for not knowing, for not calling her to say hi. I'm going to try and visit her several times in the coming months. She doesn't have a lot of family, and I want to be sure to be there for her.

Our garden is planted and moving forward at full speed. I'm actually quite excited. This year, we planted a few new things to try out. I also harvested 3 whole green beans. It appears there will be a bunch ready in the next few days! The recent downpour of rain has been both a blessing and a pain in the bottom. On the upside, we water less and our water barrels are full. The problem is that the garden has been a little too wet in places, and the heavy rain even knocked over some of the plants.

I have kinda fallen behind in my One Little Word Project. I have been thinking about my word however haven't started my June project/assignment, let alone July. I have been taking weekly photos, just haven't posted them for awhile. One thing with this project I have kept up on is taking a few small, but manageable actions. For example, I have noticed how stressed my Blog Reader makes me. I always log in to find 1000+ items unread. I feel bad just deleting them, however I also know I'll never keep up. Instead of simply deleting the unread, I have been slowly going through and unsubscribing. I am trying to do through 2-5 a day. It is nothing personal, however I have to prioritize. Now I still have HUNDREDS of blogs on my list, however I just cannot keep up with all of them.

Another item on my simple list was to relax and enjoy simple things. I often get so wound up in life (husband, puppies, work, family, friends, cleaning, the yard work...) that I forget to sit. Last week, for example, I found myself with a long list of things to do. Yet, after weeding the garden, I sat in the hammock for a good 1/2 hour. It was wonderful. I realized in those 30 minutes that I needed that break. It was only a few minutes, however it helped me recharge, regroup and reflect on what is really important in life. 

However, things do not always go so smoothly. For example. Today after work, Alan and I picked up a few things at the store, came home, went through the mail and then I sat in front of my home computer trying to check my emails, facebook, twitter... I was ticked off at it because it wouldn't connect to the internet. I wondered around the house, hoping a few minutes it would fix itself. I complained about it to Alan. Then, I saw Dakota and Jaffery sitting by the window. I said out loud, "Why don't you two go play outside? You sat by the window while we were at work all day. Go play!" I quickly stopped in my tracks. I sit at a computer all day, and I come home and am ticked off because my internet will not connect? WOW.

I found these amazing key caps from Natural Life. I limited myself to only getting 2, however I am really wanting to get enough for all my keys. The designs are so cheerful and makes finding which key opens which door much easier!

I was picking up my clothes, and Dakota seemed quite interested in my scarves. Therefore, I took the opportunity to make both him and Jaffery feel a little extra beautiful.

That is my crazy life update! More in the coming days!

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