July 26, 2011

Week In the Life 2011 - Tuesday

I took a lot more photos today! At nearly 100, I am not sure how I will choose which ones to use!

Because I stink at packing my lunches for work, I ended up buying hummus and crackers in the bookstore. Work was long and had too many meetings. Went to Costco after work to pick up hamburger. Ended up buying more hummus and crackers! :)

Dakota's birthday was last week. I remember Monday, July 18 saying to Alan "it is dakota's birthday this week, on Thursday - we need to remember!" -- Yeah. we suck. So today, we boiled hamburger and rice for his birthday meal. He LOVES it! I had also picked up a couple new toys for him during my trip to Target yesterday. Worked out okay.

Quite frustrated with my blog. I lost a post last week and now this week, my signature and comments button are gone (they should be at the end of this post). This makes me want to walk away from the blog, however this project is keeping me here. Good or bad. Who knows.

Some of my favorite photos from today!

What was your life like today?

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