July 27, 2011

Week In the Life 2011 - Wednesday

 I ended up with only around 40 photos today. Not bad, however just having a hard time, with time, and energy. Today was a tough day. I'm extra tired. Work wasn't that great. Things are just stressful.

However, I do enjoy taking the photos and now looking back at them. It makes me miss my 365 project even more.

How do you stay motivated to document life, when life itself is crazy and stressful?


  1. First - your dogs are adorable! I can't wait to live in a house with a fenced yard, so that we can adopt a medium-large doggie.

    Second - I am in love with your refrigerator! A friend of mine just got one in that style, and it's so awesome. I think, more than anything, I love the idea of not having to bend down as much to get stuff out of the fridge (which I use far more than the freezer).

    Hope Thursday is less stressful! =)

  2. Love your dogs. Add in my yellow lab and we'd have a trifecta.