January 11, 2012

my heart is full

My challenging day at work melted away today as I opened my cream colored envelope. I have gotten a few before, both from Vanesa and Samuel, however this one was larger.

I carefully opened it to see the longest most detailed letter even received from Vanesa. Before I could even get through the letter, I saw something stapled on the back... oh yes it was... a PHOTO! I tried containing my excitement by reading the entire beautiful letter before looking at the picture.

 When I started sponsoring Vanesa last January, I received this photo:

Today in the mail, I received this:   

She wrote in her letter that with the $25 birthday money I sent her (over the summer), she purchased (as shown in the photo!) a cake, blankets, sheets, a dress, and sweets.

She asked how we are doing, and promised that she is working hard in school. She asked us to pray for her health and that she does well in school so she can become a nurse.

A volunteer helps her write, however Vanesa also drew photos of a girl, ball, box and book :)

My heart is full and I cannot take my eyes off that beautiful smile.

I wish I could pick her up and squeeze her and tell her how wonderful she is!

I write to her (and Samuel, my corespondent child) once a month handwritten, and once a month online. It is wonderful to share bits of our lives and hear back from them about theirs. I have sent photos, cards, paper puzzles, kids band aides, laminated flowers, and much more along with letters. You can see some of my letters and stuff sent here.

I first decided to sponsor because of a long time bucket list item.  I plan to continue sponsoring Vanesa instead of birthday gifts or a large celebration. I'll put any birthday money / donations toward supporting Vanesa in 2012, as well as another $25 birthday gift this coming summer!

Now, I'm off to send Valentine's cards! I've been working on making several, one for each of my Compassion kids and I'll be sending extra a long for them to share with their friends!

Are you interested in Sponsorship? Take a peek at all these beautiful faces!

Support Vanesa's Sponsorship 2012


  1. It's so fun to get to know kids in another country, and be able to provide for some of their needs! Visiting from comment hour!

  2. Oh, how amazing and sweet! Thank you for sharing this! I love that you get updates and that she shared her birthday with you. How wonderful!

  3. Aw, what a sweet photo! I love it! Extra photos make me just giddy and I have been known to get out a magnifying glass to be sure I have seen every little detail!

  4. That is beautiful and touching! I hope that one day I can do the same! How inspiring!

  5. This is a fantastic and inspiring post! Thanks for sharing it:) #commenthour

  6. What a wonderful photo! She is a doll and I'm sure you will be blessings to each other for many years to come :-)

  7. That is so sweet and inspiring.

    Visiting from #commenthour

  8. This really touched me. So sweet! It is on my (mental) list of things to do this year (sponsor a child). Do they let you pick the age?