August 8, 2012

Pushing Forward

Always eager to help, support, encourage, and love others, I somehow have found myself in a funny spot...  I am not always doing these things for myself.

Yeah - I finally said it.

Of course I want to continue doing these things for others, however I must also remember to take care of myself. 

Not too long ago, I wrote this little piece on motivation. I find it is still holding true; a little push is often all one needs to take that step, big or small. So here it is. I'll be writing a few short posts in the coming weeks to support my journey. I hope, in the process you find it does the same for you and we can help, support, encourage and love one another.

Some topics I hope to explore are
  • exercise
  • family, friends and loved ones
  • healthy eating
  • water
  • life purpose
  • organization
  • books
  • travel
  • art
  • dreams and vision
  • color 
  • blogging and online purpose
 I'm sure ideas will pop up as I am writing, however I'm always open to ideas! Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment below. I would love to hear what areas you feel are important to explore as one is diving into this type of journey.

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