August 15, 2009

Weekend Flair #10 - Welcome to the Neighborhood Gift

I'm excited to start up my Weekend Flair posts again! It may not be each weekend, however I plan to make it a minimum of monthly! I do many projects, however tend to forget to take photos...

Not too long again, we were the new kids on the block, however just this last Monday, we had a new neighbor move in 2 doors down! We have noticed some of the other neighbors watching out of their windows, and jumping out of their homes at the first site of the new folks. However, 1. they did not do this for us and 2. we are trying to give them a few days to settle in. I mean, I want to be friendly without stalking them.

I also wanted to give them a little welcome gift, yet not something they would get from everyone else.

I remembered seeing a Welcome to the Neighborhood mini book in a magazine some time again, and decided that would be perfect.

(now, if you remember, I am NOT very good at directions, however I will do my best!)

I cut the bottom off 5 paper lunch bags, however cutting so they were staggered when put together (hard to explain, and forgot to take the photo of this!).

For the base of the front I used grey. I then found a strip of black to act as the "binding".

I recently picked up some super cute paper at Archivers that worked perfectly! It is from the ki memories family time paper pack. I used this for the cover. I then used my Score-it to score around the edge for a complete look :)

I used coordinating colors on each of the pages, gluing them down before binding the paper bag book (you can somewhat see here the different length of the pages).

To bind, i fist glued the black strip on front to back. I then used my big bite to add eyelets to secure it all.

Tucked in the first pocket is a "Welcome Home" card I made using the coordinating paper and cricut.

On each inside page, I printed useful information (on velum) .

Page One: "City Of...." with website and helpful city rules (such as watering days etc)
Page Two: List of City 2009 Summer events
Page Three: Entertainment and Restaurants with a few of our favs and space to write in theirs,(and a couple of the menus in the pocket part)
Page Four "New Neighbors" with our name and house number listed with space to write others

What did you receive when moving to your neighborhood?
What have your done for new neighbors?


  1. You are a nice neighbor! I've been in my house since November, and no one has really even said hello to us, never mind bring us a gift!

  2. That's a wonderful gift idea! We moved in here two months ago and while we've met the neighbors on either side it was because I approached them while they were outside. I really wish someone had come over with a muffin basket or something like this. I think we've lost that neighborhood feel a lot because people don't seem to reach out like they used to.

  3. our neighbor welcome us, but not every one gave us something. mostly were cakes on plates.

    what have I done to my neighbors? I gave them a box of 'nasi berkat' for every house. the box filled with rice and vegetables and chicken and tofu and tempe and egg and crackers. that's what we usually do here. but lately, preparing those food seem to be a little inconvenient, and some people simplified it into cakes.

    I love what you did. so cute!

  4. Wow! this must have knocked their socks off! What a great gift.

  5. We moved to a new neighborhood and one lady brought us a cute bag with a card and a box of popcorn. The card read " I just POPPED over to say HI!" It was cute and thoughtful!

  6. We moved into our new house back in October. And three of our neighbors came over while we were unloading the trucks. One offered to make us some drinks. But we had bought things to fill up an ice chest since we had friends helping us. Then my hubby met one of our neighbor and found out he went to school with him. We love our neighbor hood.

  7. I don't often remember to give neighbour gifts, till it is kinda too late. But when one neighbour moved in and I heard she was pregnant I gave her a pregnancy journal as a welcome.