January 23, 2011

Birthday 2011 Recap

Earlier today, I posted about my birthday goals!   My year of {simple} has thus far been interesting, and I am excited to see where this takes me in the next year.

To celebrate my birthday this year, I slept in, however hit snooze too many times and was a bit late meeting K for shopping fun.

We did mostly window shopping, however did pick up a couple things. It was so great to catch up over lunch. We always have fun stories and a few good laughs.

I drove home to hang out with my boys...
Somehow, Alan and I didn't get a photo together :(

However in the -13 degree weather, I did have him take one of me!

We made our way to a couple antique stores.  Then to supper at Khans. :)

Then home to a fun ice cream cake!

We watched a bit of TV (Netflix is addicting).

I then ended my day with one of the most awesome things ever. I visited the Compassion International website, searched through children who had been waiting longer than six months for a sponsor, filled out the form, and hit "submit".     
She is from Uganda. I thank everyone who donated to make this possible. THANK YOU so much!

I'm looking forward to hearing more about my Compassion Child. It said to expect information in about 15 days. Wow. It seems like so long to wait. Yet, she waited over 6 months for me...