September 20, 2009

Creative Week - Being Crafty... and Green!

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I LOVE shopping for new and exciting crafty products! I can even admit, I have a bit of a paper problem... they are so pretty, colorful, and the patterns are amazing! However, for my budget and in trying to be as eco friendly as possible, I try to use what I have.

When working on a project, I keep nearly any size of scrap paper (see how I organize it). I often go back for these scraps when adding little elements to a page, or need to cut out letters for a title.

For today's challenge, I would like you to do an entire project with what you have! Use up those scraps, odds and ends, and left over papers, stickers, beads, yarn... whatever your project is, use what you have!

For extra credit, post (or comment) about what you do to be green and/or frugal in your hobby/creative projects!

For my project, I completed a 2 page scrapbook layout with paper I already had. I really wanted to go to the store and purchase football paper to go with my pictures (my first pro football game!), however I resisted and used up some of the paper I already had. Here is how it turned out.

I used...
- Yellow and red card stock that I already had from a paper pack
- Polka dot paper I have had for ages and had a crease in it
-Textured football paper and a couple stickers from a football book I made for my brother
- Purple paper I had from making my sisters shower invites
- Paper punch from stash

Participating in the challenge? Be sure to enter your link in the Mister Linky below! We would love to visit and see what you have created today!

To celebrate everyone thinking about being green, even in their hobbies and creative projects, I'm giving away a Kohls reuseable shopping bag and a Eco Inspirations journal!

Now, the journal is awesome, however I have to say, I also have this bag, and it is HUGE! --It holds 30 pounds of craft supplies (or whatever else you may purchase)! It is also great that I folds up! I keep mine in my car or purse!

3 ways to enter to win the bag and journal...
1. Comment on this post (one per person)
2. Tweet about Creative week (then comment again letting me know).
3. Participate in today's challenge and sign in on the Mister Linky below.

If you haven't heard, For the Creative Week Grand Prize, I'm also giving away a Freeze Frame!

You can enter to win the Freeze Frame by:
- Commenting on any of the Creative Week posts, including this one!
- Participating in any (or all) of the Challenges, and filling in the Mister Linky on the appropriate post to let me know!
- Tweeting about Creative week (be sure to let me know you did so by commenting on one of the posts) - one tweet will be counted each day! You can post on any of the creative week posts (on the day of the tweet) to let me know you did!
-Post about Creative Week on your blog
(be sure to let me know you did so by commenting on one of the posts)!
-All comments and Mister Linky participants for all Creative Week Posts will be entered into the Grand Prize drawing... for a Freeze Frame!
- Some posts have additional special prizes attached to that specific challenge!

Creative Week Challenges:
Day One... Day Two (prize drawing)... Day Three (Guest Post)...

Be sure to check them all out, participate in the challenges, and comment for an extra entry!

Pass the word on! We want to see everyone wonderful creative ideas!

All entries will need to be received by Wednesday, Sept 23. Winners announced on Thursday September 24.


  1. Oooh..I love this post! I want to dig into my craft room so bad and make something but I really ought to be responsible and clean and unpack more since my family is all coming over this weekend. Shoot!

  2. Just letting you know that I tweeted about this!

  3. I would love to be entered! :)

  4. Oooh, is that a picture of you?

    Would love the reusable bag. And the journal - I have so many blank ones, but what's one more? ;)

  5. I would love to be considered for the giveaway

    PS Come add your giveaway on my Linky and while there, come enter my giveaways too :)

  6. I n eed to get back into scrapbooking - I hae so many photos waiting to be put in!

    Great giveaway! :)

  7. In my efforts to be more green (and save some money in our already straining budget), I decided to cancel my scrapbooking kit membership. I easily have enough papers to do a layout a day for probably 2-3 months. I figure when I run low, I can sign back up again!

  8. Great job using what you already had on hand. :) I need to get my scrapbooking stuff out and play...

  9. thanks-I'd like to sign up, I use tote bags all the time

    tiramisu392 (at)