September 15, 2009

Dream. Be Inspired. Create. Challenge Two

Not sure what is going on, check this out first!

New and want to check out Day One?

One thing I love doing, is using something average, and making it a work of art!

This could be anything from

- - - glitter, paper, and lettering to make a fun grad card

Colored paper cut into circles to make a globe - - -

- - - or even a few small brown lunch bags to make a welcome to the neighborhood album!

One item I really love using to create magic, and haven't written about, is frames!
Yup. Ordinary photo frames.

Here is why I L.O.V.E. them:

ONE: they are cheap! Watch for clearance, thrift stores, garage sales... you might not need the glass in the frame (watch for clearance at Michaels), or can tear out that interested 70's art from that beautiful wood frame at the thrift store!

TWO: They do not always need to be in perfect shape!

THREE: They can be used for SO many projects!

Take this frame, for example!

Pretty typical 8x10 frame. I could print a photo and let it sit in this frame and things would be just fine. However a few ideas instead...

You could also...
  • use a rub on word over a photo, OR on the frame or glass!
  • Put your favorite kitchen themed paper in it and hang in your food prep area
  • Find a cork mat and use the frame to make a cord board
  • Use vinyl lettering on your wall and frame

Here are a couple other frame projects I have done.

Today's Challenge:

Find a typical object, such as a photo frame, and see what you can come up with!
Post about it on your blog and sign the Mister Linky to let us know to come check it out!


Post on your blog about a project you already completed!
Be sure to sign up with mister linky!

I'm excited to see what everyone comes up with!
Don't forget to also take your photo of the day today!

OOOOOOOOH! And more fun stuff!
I'm giving away the red frame!

Giveaway details:

If you haven't heard, For the Creative Week Grand Prize, I'm also giving away a Freeze Frame!

You can enter to win the Freeze Frame by:
- Commenting on any of the Creative Week posts, including this one!
- Participating in any (or all) of the Challenges, and filling in the Mister Linky on the appropriate post to let me know!
- Tweeting about Creative week (be sure to let me know you did so by commenting on one of the posts) - one tweet will be counted each day! You can post on any of the creative week posts (on the day of the tweet) to let me know you did!
-Post about Creative Week on your blog
(be sure to let me know you did so by commenting on one of the posts)!
-All comments and Mister Linky participants for all Creative Week Posts will be entered into the Grand Prize drawing... for a Freeze Frame!
- Some posts have additional special prizes attached to that specific challenge!

* All entries in this post will also be entered to win the red photo frame!

Creative Week Challenges:
Day One... Day Two (prize drawing)... Day Three (Guest Post)... Day Four (prize drawing) ....

Be sure to check them all out, participate in the challenges, and comment for an extra entry!

Pass the word on! We want to see everyone wonderful creative ideas!

All entries will need to be received by Wednesday, Sept 30 at 11:59. Winners announced on Thursday October 1!

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  1. I really like the one with all the circles! So cute!! I'll RT your post so more people can play along and I hope some of my readers want to play too! Can't wait to check back when I get home. :) Have fun!