September 14, 2009

Dream. Be Inspired. Create. Challenge One

Not sure what is going on, check this out first!

Today, there are 2 challenges:

I challenge you to take one photo each day. Take the photo of whatever you would like. You can take it each day out your kitchen window, of your child, or pet, of something that represents what you are doing that day... Just take a photo!

Think about what inspires you.






What else?

Do not limit yourself! Document those things that inspire you by writing a story or memory, drawing pictures, sketching, listing words, painting it out... whatever you would like... BE CREATIVE with it!

If nothing comes to mind... that is okay. We all have those days.

Here are a few things to try...

looking around your house - - -
- - - go on a walk
call up a good friend or family member - - -
- - - day dream

You will find something!

I'm also participating each day!
Here is what I came up with for each of the challenges!

- ~ - - ~ -
- ~ - - ~ - - ~ - - ~ - - ~ - - ~ -
My Photo today:

Here is what inspires me:

and a close up:

I'm a visual person, so I started with a piece of white paper and just starting documenting what inspires me! I cut, I torn, I used adhesive... What I found was that (even though not great at it) I like to create shapes and drawings to describe my thoughts.

- ~ - - ~ - - ~ - - ~ - - ~ - - ~ - - ~ - - ~ -


Post your Photo of the Day and/or the answer to "what inspires you?" on your blog! Feel free to use the Creative Week graphic if you would like!

Please also enter your post URL into the Mister Linky below!

Giveaway details:

Giveaway details:

If you haven't heard, For the Creative Week Grand Prize, I'm also giving away a Freeze Frame!

You can enter to win the Freeze Frame by:
- Commenting on any of the Creative Week posts, including this one!
- Participating in any (or all) of the Challenges, and filling in the Mister Linky on the appropriate post to let me know!
- Tweeting about Creative week (be sure to let me know you did so by commenting on one of the posts) - one tweet will be counted each day! You can post on any of the creative week posts (on the day of the tweet) to let me know you did!
-Post about Creative Week on your blog
(be sure to let me know you did so by commenting on one of the posts)!
-All comments and Mister Linky participants for all Creative Week Posts will be entered into the Grand Prize drawing... for a Freeze Frame!
- Some posts have additional special prizes attached to that specific challenge!

Creative Week Challenges:
Day One... Day Two (prize drawing)... Day Three (Guest Post)... Day Four (prize drawing) ....

Be sure to check them all out, participate in the challenges, and comment for an extra entry!

Pass the word on! We want to see everyone wonderful creative ideas!

All entries will need to be received by Wednesday, Sept 30 at 11:59. Winners announced on Thursday October 1!


  1. Yay! I'm passing it on! Great idea...can't wait until tomorrow!

  2. I re-tweeted your post about this! I'm having one of those tear your hair out days but I'm going to try to participate!

  3. i would totally be doing this if I wasn't already doing my happiness posts...