January 31, 2011

Goals 2011 - February

I cannot believe it is February! It seems like the new year just rolled in with my One Little Word project, bucket list wishnew goals, and birthday
As you know, I do not have new years resolutions. Instead I create goals each year on my birthday. This year, in light of my One Little Word, {simple} I decided to create a few general goals for the year, and each month set new goals specific for what is going on in my life at that time. 
To keep it as {simple} as possible, I'll post them at the beginning of each month with a recap of the previous month. I'll also post updates to specific goals during the month. I'm also going to find a common place to host an ongoing list of all my goals, as even as a month passes, I will continue to update as I complete items, even if "late".

A quick recap, my general 2011 goals are:
  • Connect with family and friends, frequently, though all possible ways, but particularly in person, on the phone and through snail mail.
  • Use fresh produce for meals
  • Organize and prioritize  - rid my life of unnecessary clutter and burden
  • Connect with people, pets and things around me - do not take anything for granted
  • Be creative
  • Breath - pray - relax - enjoy - appreciate
My January goals were made prior to me deciding on my general goals.

My specific January goals were:
  • Update library card
  • Renew passport - paperwork done. Needs to be submitted
  • Finish new paperwork for work
  • S&S wedding photos to DVD
  • C&D wedding photos to DVD
  • Have envelope ready to collect tax information as it arrives
  • Re-hang bench back
  • Finish Alpha-blocks project - In progress, however about 1/2 way through, it wasn't looking how I wanted it to. Now I'm stuck.
This month I set my goals while specifically thinking about simplifying my life as well as my general year goals.

My February goals are:
  • Finish CA Scrapbook - this is quite the lofty goal - I'll be posting updates specific to this one for sure!
  • Write 2 handwritten letters
  • Try 4 new recipes using fresh produce (I welcome recipe ideas!)
  • Set up an exercise routine
  • Actually finish reading a book
  • Spend more time just talking with Alan, no TV, no knitting, no computer, nothing between us. Just talking.
There we have it. Check back often for updates!  

How often do you set goals and how do you measure success?

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    1. I don't know if I'm a good person to be giving advice about goal-making. ;) I go a little nuts over making lists. I can't possibly do everything on the list (but oh, do I ever want to!). So I just do what I can when I can. Being a mom has forced me to be flexible and realize that the really important things get done each day. What doesn't get done can totally wait.

      Still, I obsess over projects and getting things done, etc. I think it's great that you're going to finish a book! I read six or seven this past month. But I read really fast and that's one thing I won't even give up, no matter how busy I am.

      I sure can ramble. ;)