February 19, 2011

{one little word 2011} Week 8

In just the 8 weeks of this year, my word has taken me from wonderful discoveries and moments, to depths of frustration. I struggle to figure out how to live a simple life, yet try to embrace the moments of {simple} and perfect clarity. I know I am moving in the right direction. I must stay motivated. I cannot give up.

This weeks photo is from last Sunday. Alan and I had spent Friday night and Saturday on an overnight adventure to get out of town, see a friend and do some shopping. Sunday, we spent relaxing. My typical Sunday, I am in a state of panic, running around trying to finish "everything" before Monday hits and I'm back to work. This last week, I took a different route. I slept in. I lounged around. I played outside with Dakota and Jaffery. I started making a snowman in our front yard.  :) Alan laughed at me a bit, but then joined me. I'm sure we gave the neighbors something to laugh at... 2 adults with no children running around the yard, finding sticks for a snowman. However it was fun. It was pure {simple} bliss.
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  1. Sometimes you just gotta forget the to do list... :)

  2. Love the snowman. I know what you mean... I always feel rushed to do everything on Sunday and I am always kicking myself for not doing everything on Saturday so I can relax on Sunday. Oh well!

  3. Thank you for the encouragement. I really appreciate it.

    Love the picture. Especially the snow man. I've never seen or felt snow in real life. Only on tv. The picture is really fun and happy. I like it.

  4. Well said...."my word has taken me from wonderful discoveries and moments, to depths of frustration"

    Great post. Sometimes moving in the right direction is all I can hope for.

  5. Hey I don't have kids but making a snowman is really dun. I think we should do often "kids stuff" even we don't have them. Adults should have have also.
    Good for you for changing your normal routines.

  6. It sounds like a great perfect (and simple) Sunday!

  7. I love this picture AND the snowman! I love Sunday's for the relaxing that is just implied by the word SUNDAY...