July 5, 2011

Project "Finish the Scrapbook" - FINISHED!

In my project "Finish the Scrapbook", there were ups and downs. If you remember back to February, I was going to complete my California 5th anniversary vacation scrapbook. I had a great system. It looked so promising. However, life happens, and the scrapbook, though progress was made, was not complete.

 Early in March, I realized the problem. I had hundreds of photos. I couldn't scrap them all, however I was too attached to ditch them. Thus, I found someone else to sort for me! However, after this amazing push forward, it just wasn't enough.

Then I went to a weekend crop. It was amazing... and I finished the scrapbook! WOOT WOOT!

There are so many pages. I'll share just a few at a time. I will try include a list of supplies, however with using up odds and ends and scrap paper at times, I do not always remember brand!

 {Crater Lake}


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What project are you working on, or have you recently finished?

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