August 20, 2009

Coming soon...

Last week, I was SO good about posting! My weekend Flair, front yard, shoes, silly faces, and a silly puppy!

This week I have been SO busy at work AND at home!

At work:
  • Students are back! Well officially classes start next week, however I have had student orientation, registration, and many meetings this week!
  • Paper work. Nuff said
  • Staff and faculty meetings
  • Drama, yeah. ISH!
At Home:
  • Cleaning
  • Cleaning
  • Cleaning
Why? Well, we are doing a little home renovation :) Fairly minimal in the overall scheme of things, but BIG in my world! Let's just say I LOVE and completely APPRECIATE that my Husband understands my crafty love! :-)

Though I was quite content with my updates here... we are doing more!

Updates soon... follow me on Twitter for up to the hour updates on the progress over the weekend!

Also, to celebrate, I have decided to share the crafty love with you all! Watch in the next week for a few giveaways!!!

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