September 28, 2009

Creative Week - The Freeze Frame

The Freeze Frame and Giveaway!

Have you heard about the Freeze Frame? I'm loving it! I love it so much, I want to share with you all the greatness of this creation!

Here is a step by step (as much as I can - I'm not much for directions) of my first time using the Freeze Frame!

1. I picked out all my paper, had my photos ready and moved things around several times until it was just right.

2. I pondered. Slept on it. Look at it again, and decided it was perfect.

3. Darn. Not what. Things never go back on when I need to glue things down! OH YEAH! I have a Freeze Frame!

"Freeze It. Flip It. Finish It."

4. Being I did not start by using the Freeze Frame, I had to move my layout. Place the bottom side of the Freeze Frame on the work surface, and then move the layout onto the Freeze Frame. (if you know you are going to use it, you start out by placing your paper on the Freeze Frame bottom).

You can see the "frame" part of the freeze frame here

5. Place the top 1/2 of the Freeze Frame over your layout!

6. Slowly pick up the top 1/2 of the Freeze Frame. Your layout will come along, however should leave the bottom base paper.

7. Here, you can see the bottom portion and the top. After taking the top part of the layout, I turned it upside down (the red is the back of the photos)

8. I used my adhesive on the back of the items. After I had adhesive on everything, I turned it back over and pressed it onto the background paper. I then carefully pick the top Freeze Frame back off.

9. Then repeat... Because I had a couple layers, There was a couple "repeat the add adhesive" steps. I then did the other side of the 2 page layout.

10. ALL DONE! Everything Perfectly back into the spot I had it originally! AWESOME!

OMG! Isn't that just Amazing!

From The Freeze Frame site:

"While at late night crops, after working for a long time on a detailed page, sometimes the design would be lost while trying to affix the layers & embellishments. Thus was born The Freeze Frame"

You can enter to win the 12x12 Freeze Frame by:
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Creative Week Challenges:
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Be sure to check them all out, participate in the challenges, and comment for an extra entry!

Pass the word on! We want to see everyone wonderful creative ideas!

All entries will need to be received by Wednesday, Sept 30 at 11:59. Winners announced on Thursday October 1!


  1. That is really a cool tool to have! I've never seen it, thanks for sharing the how to!

  2. I tweeted

  3. Actually, I think your description did it better justice than theirs! lol Cute page as well! Sorry I missed so much of last week. Glad you had fun. :)

  4. OK, wow...that was pretty cool. Now I don't know which I want more, the awesome bag or this. Great giveaways for your Creative Week and I was thrilled to be a part of it.h

  5. oh very nice

    i've use stick tack in the past before, you know the glue patches that graphic designers used in the past to make MOCK layouts.

  6. Retweeted to let everyone know that they have a bit more time. :)

  7. I have never seen that before and it's fantastic!