October 26, 2009

Trying to Catch Up

As always, life is crazy.

I have about a gazillion things in my RTM list.

I have coupons all over the kitchen counter.

One of my bestest friends, Tink, is moving in less than a week.

I haven't seen (or emailed) my other bestest friend, K, in a long time (K - we need to set up a movie night, and/or scrapbook weekend... fruity happies might be involved... )

I do not have all my beloved blogs in a reader.

Our computer is still full and I have to upload a couple photos at a time, edit, print, delete. This is not working. Husband is working on a solution, however when I'm on the computer, he cannot fix my computer photo problem.

I'm back on the caffeine habit and my body is ticked off about this.

I have photos to edit for my great aunt.

Photos to upload, organize, edit and print for my photo 365 project (I haven't printed any since freaking MAY!)

Then, there is this room in our home. An extra bedroom. We moved into our house last November and this particular room holds all the boxes and junk we haven't wanted to sort.

Well. it is time.

Therefore, I may/maynot blog this week, or so. Oh shock, right? :) Yeah, I know, I'm not very consistent anyhow. Yet, I try to be here are least now and then.

I love documenting our life here...

Anyhow. I would LOVE to hear how you all tackle the to do list. Right now, I am just going to open it up, and go down the list, taking anything marked priority first. After that. Just one after another until it is all DONE.

My RTM list does include some blogging, thus I'll be here, however it might be a little random.

Heck. I guess it will just be a normal couple of blogging weeks for me then :)

Haha! I guess, nevermind.... ;)


  1. Last night, I crossed several things that had been haunting me off my to-do list. I decided to do those particular things because they were the easiest to do on a Sunday night. They didn't involve making any phone calls or anything like that.

    Good luck getting everything done!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog newlyidentified.blogspot.com I appreciate the support and the comment :) I love your blog and I'm excited to continue reading!