February 25, 2009

My Favorite posts and a giveaway!

What a giveaway I have to tell you about!

At Barking Mad, they are giving away a $250 Target Gift Card! Holy Moly!

All you have to do it post your 5 or 10 favorite blog posts, of your own writing, and then link up!

Easy peesy!

My favorite personal posts are, in no particular order...

1. Indecisive - this really shows a lot of my personality
2. I...we love Caribou
3. Saturday was amazing - just a great moment in our life!
4. Happy Green Day - this one was just fun
5. Crocs: Love them or Hate them?
6. The letter finally came
7. A dedication to my iPod
8. Days Like This
9. The Weekly Battle
10. It's interesting...

Oh My Gosh... that was kind of fun. Looking through my old posts made me realize how far I have come in the last 12 months... very cool.

Crocs: Love them or Hate them?

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